Humbled by Support, Excited for Impact


Just a few short weeks ago, I joined Team Save the Children for the 2017 Minneapolis Triathlon as a way to raise awareness about worldwide hunger and poverty, and its impact on children — all while honoring the memory of Olivia Ann Christiano. In a very short amount of time, thanks to the contributions from family, friends and some very generous people who I’ve never met, I’ve exceeded my $500 fundraising goal.

The support has been humbling. What started as an idea of making a difference has quickly become reality. The donations will help Save the Children provide clothes, nourishment, health care, education and safety for children in areas of crisis or emergency. Here’s a quick recap of what they accomplished in 2016:

I’m excited about the positive impact we can make together in 2017. Over the next six months, I’ll be working hard, training and preparing for race day –  a day which I hope to make my supporters proud. And while my fundraising goal has been reached, I don’t want it to stop there. I want to keep adding to that fundraising total between now and race day. Each donation will help Save the Children implement programs and provide support to communities around the globe that urgently need help.

To make a contribution, please visit my fundraising page.

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