First Outdoor Run of the Year

Minnesota winters don’t always lend themselves well to running. Well, unless you like running on snow and ice in sometimes sub-zero temps. But today was a different story. With 40°+ temperatures, the conditions were great for a run under a setting sun. 

I jumped at the opportunity for my first non-treadmill run of the year. The ice that once covered the paths and sidewalks was mostly melted away, leaving just a few puddles to dodge, jump over or be a kid again and splash right through. And the fresh air was, well, a breath of fresh air. It was just good to be outside. 

Here’s the details:

  • Distance: 3.06 miles 
  • Total time: 25:19
  • Average pace: 8:19/mile

I was pleased to see I hadn’t lost too much of a step from where I left off in the fall. For most training runs last year, I had averaged around a 7:45 pace. Certainly some work to do. But hey, it’s only February! 

Oh, and the highlight besides being outside: getting to spend some more time listening to Run the Jewels’ RTJ3 album. They’ll definitely be a part of my running playlists this summer.

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