Race Recap: Trinona 2017


Crushing goals, making memories and having fun. That pretty much sums up my Trinona 2017 experience. But one sentence can’t quite capture the awesomeness that was.

First, I got to spend race day with two close friends who were competing in Trinona for the first time (a first tri ever for one friend and a second tri overall for the other). It was a joy to hangout and share banter in transition before the race, walk to the swim start together and ultimately reunite at the finish line to high-five, share stories and celebrate our accomplishments.


Second, I had the support of many family and friends that showed up to cheer. Running into the lake and embarking on the swim can be a bit of a lonely feeling in my opinion. Sure, I was surrounded by dozens of fellow swimmers who were so close that I’d accidentally run into them or they’d accidentally run into to me, but ultimately it’s up to me to power through to shore. Enveloped in water I can’t hear much except for splashing and my own gasps for air. It’s a huge energy boost to step out of the lake and hear friends and family screaming as I dash to transition. It gets better when hearing them while dismounting the bike for T2. And it’s even better hearing them while closing in on the finish line. Not only did I make it through the race, but I had their support the whole way. That’s pretty special to have others invest that effort.

My TRINONA 2017 Results


Split Pace

Overall Rank

Swim (0.25 miles)


02:04 min/100m





Bike (11 miles)


17.00 mi/hr





Run (3.1 miles)


07:38 min/mile





Third, on a personal note, I crushed the goal I set about a week ago by almost three whole minutes, setting a personal record of 01:14:19! That’s almost 12 minutes faster than my 2016 time and good enough for 61st place out of 285 racers overall. I was faster in every segment of the race over last year.

My Trinona Time Comparison

Trinona 2014

Trinona 2016

Trinona 2017

Swim (0.25 miles)








Bike (11 miles)








Run (3.1 miles)








My swim time was faster than last year by almost a minute, even though I took a few breaks to tread water and catch my breath along the way. When I took those pauses I wasn’t exactly tired but more so just trying to mentally stay calm. Those breaks are a sign that more training is needed before the Minneapolis Triathlon in just a few weeks, which swim distance almost twice as long as Trinona at just under a half-mile. I’m still happy I was faster than last year though. I’ve come along way in my swimming abilities over the last year. The only not so fun part of the swim was passing the last buoy towards shore and grabbing hand fulls of weeds with each stroke. But hey, that’s all part of the experience of swimming in Lake Winona!

I skipped the wetsuit for the swim, which lead to a much improved first transition time. But in comparison to other racers, it was still fairly slow at 00:02:35. I might have to think more about what the heck I’m doing in transition that’s taking up so much time (maybe get better at swimming so I’m not so tired at this point of the race).

The new road bike made a significant difference in this race, shaving off almost five minutes from last year’s bike time. I could feel how much lighter the bike was beneath me as I shifted through gears for efficient pedaling and maximum speeds. Hitting a couple downhills at 30mph was a highlight from the ride.

T2 was a breeze at 0:00:57. Not much more to say about that!

Then came the run. I crushed the run. Seriously. I was more than four minutes faster than last year. Four minutes! I guess it makes sense considering most of my training efforts this year were put into running. I’ve been hovering around 8-minute miles during my training runs. In a 5K race at the end of April, I averaged a 07:29 min/mile pace. At Trinona, I averaged a 07:38 min/mile pace, and that was after swimming and biking. I’m still a little surprised about how much energy I had left for the run, but super stoked about it too.

Crossing the finish line was a real joy. All of the training and preparation came to a conclusion that resulted in a new PR. I’m really, really proud of this race. And after receiving my medal, returning my timing chip and grabbing a bottle of water, I was able to cheer for and watch my buddies cross the finish line. Trinona 2017 was a special day. I’m thankful for the opportunity to compete and share the experience with such amazing people. Cheers friends!


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