Race Recap: Red, White and Boom 2019

This was my first year running the Red, White and Boom, and third half-marathon overall. My fitness base was in a good place due to triathlon training, but I hadn’t executed a specific half marathon training plan prior to race day. With race-time temperatures in the mid-70s and relative humidity near 90%, I knew I’d need to keep my expectations in check and not overdo it. No sense in getting hurt early in season, and especially not right before a long holiday weekend!

Rather than setting a goal for the day, I opted to just listen to my body and let it set the pace. The strategy worked. Minus the attention-grabbing realization that I practically stopped sweating in the last few miles, I felt pretty darn comfortable throughout the race. And I finished only three and a half minutes away from my current PR.


  • Distance — 13.1 miles
  • Time — 01:40:01
  • Pace — 07:39/mile
  • Place — 82/1481 overall

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