Completing a triathlon once seemed out of reach — something I could dream about but not actually achieve. I thought it was one of those really cool things that other people could do, but not me. Then one day that doubt turned to “what if?”. Realizing that I’d never know if I never tried, I registered for my first sprint triathlon in 2014. Crossing the finish line provided a sense of accomplishment I’d never experienced before — I was hooked.

Triathlon became more than a sport and a hobby for me. It taught me (and continues to teach me) that I can do things I never thought possible. It motivates me to be better than I was yesterday. And it’s made me wonder what else I’m capable of accomplishing. Could I run a marathon? Could I run longer than a marathon? What else is possible?

This blog focuses on my swimming, biking and running experiences, the journey to get each event and probably a few random thoughts along the way.

Thanks for reading!